The BidMotion Marketing Automation Platform

Our mission is to be the leading innovator providing efficient, transparent and scalable mobile advertising solutions

How did the adventure begin ?


Once upon a time, in December 2014 to be exact, BidMotion was born at its current headquarters in Paris, France, the home of co-founder Daniel Nathan. The BidMotion concept began as a SaaS model, an all-encompassing media buying platform.

During testing phases, the technology surpassed all expectations and led us to develop BidMotion : why not use our own technology to help the world’s top mobile apps attain new users?

And so it began, BidMotion was created to facilitate great mobile apps in gaining presence and acquiring users in an ever-increasingly saturated app store.

BidMotion began small and grew quickly by using big data and artificial intelligence to support the work of efficient people.

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The founding of the BidMotion mobile ad platform

Our Pillars

mobile adtech expertise


Our 3 founders have an entrepreneurial track record, having started no less than 10 companies combined, all within the mobile and advertising technology space. This expertise enables our consistent campaign success and the technology that drives the BidMotion AI Engine.

new entrepreneurial adventures in martech


BidMotion welcomes challenges, failures, and change as a means to grow personally and as a company. We are in this ride together and are always open to new adventures this fast-paced industry provides.

maintain open company mentality and startup roots


Despite our rapid success, BidMotion strives to maintain its startup roots, and our humble approach enables us to always keep an open mentality that accepts new challenges as hidden opportunities.

multinational company for global mobile app promotion


We make our own culture at BidMotion. With our multinational team, global ad campaigns, and trusted by partners across multiple continents, BidMotion pushes international limits.

Founder profiles


Daniel Nathan CEO

With an entrepreneurial track record well-established at under 30 years old, French national Daniel Nathan has founded multiple companies all focused in the AdTech space. Having been on the founding team of Datalift, part of the Berlin-based Applift, Daniel sold this solution to begin BidMotion, after identifying an opportunity within the booming industry to have a highly technological focus, crunching user data with machine learning algorithms to be able to automate effective mobile acquisition campaigns and drive quality and ROI.

Juan J. Mostazo CTO

The engineering team lead studied computer engineering in his home country of Spain before beginning his entrepreneurial career in the mobile industry, founding a multimedia content aggregator for mobile devices. CTO Juan J. Mostazo started working in start-ups in Barcelona and then transplanted to Berlin to continue his career in system architecture, where he joined forces with Daniel Nathan in the German capital on the Datalift team, following his first AdTech endeavor with Hitfox Group. Juanjo currently defines the technological direction of the BidMotion platform, leading the engineering team and managing the platform architecture.

Abhishek Tiwari COO

With a background in Computer Science from prestigious Indian institute IIT, Abhishek tasted entrepreneurial success very early on as a founding member of Dristi-Soft, now India's biggest CRM technology provider. Post his MBA from St. Gallen, Switzerland, he delved into AdTech where he was part of the founding crew of Datalift team during which time he crossed paths with BidMotion co-founders. As Head of Operations at BidMotion, Abhishek defines and implements the operational strategies of the platform.