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BidMotion’s network of over 2,000 traffic sources ensures your ad is placed in front of the right audience at the right time.

Drive your brand on mobile with our Mobile Advertising Network


Not all mobile app ad networks are created equally, and what measures effectiveness is the ability to match ad space inventory with a receptive targeted mobile audience. With the BidMotion Marketing Automation Platform, your app’s ads are promoted with the top publishers in mobile via automated programmatic processes, ensuring everything starting from the proper ad format is optimized to maximize conversions rates.

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mobile video network and ad format library

Access to mobile video networks and the entire BidMotion ad format library


Video stands as the most dynamic in ad formats, and thanks to our established mobile video ad networks, BidMotion uses the power of mobile video marketing to drive new users to your app. Complement this with both static and more dynamic alternatives in the form of banners made-to-fit the screen of each of your users’ favorite devices. Our ad format library includes all major industry-standard ad formats to fit your engagement needs, BidMotion’s tailored campaigns ensure you are using the right format to reach your mobile audience.

Android and iOS ad networks for granular user targeting across devices


Mobile app genres and geographical specificities necessitate a global approach across operating systems. Strong mobile ad networks enable us to support all iOS and Android operating systems across devices and screens. Our granular data processing gives our dashboard users real-time campaign optimization capabilities across both our Android ad network and iOS ad network, to ensure campaign effectivity across devices and OS, based on valuable post-install insights.

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