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Increase user engagement and in-app revenues

Over 90% of users stop using an app within 30 days of installation. Don’t miss a revenue opportunity from users who have already installed your app: re-engage them.


Why retarget?

  • Increase in-app purchases
  • Reduce user-acquisition costs
  • Reactivate dormant users
  • Regain users who uninstalled your app
  • Stay fresh in the minds of your users
  • Keep users up-to-speed on your app's latest features

Our processes

  • Understanding
  • Dynamic audience segmentation
  • Dynamic creative optimization
  • Global scale
  • Measuring
  • Safeguarding

Understanding your goals

Your dedicated client-success manager works closely with you to capture your retargeting needs and objectives.

Dynamic audience segmentation.

Dynamic audience segmentation

Our powerful machine-learning models analyze your existing user base in real-time, constantly filtering for the users who are most likely to convert.


Dynamic creative optimization

Our in-house creative-service team will help you craft smart creative sets, to ensure your messages are always relevant to your users. Send personalised messages at precisely the right time, and convert more leads.


Global scale

We have access to 98% of the programmatic supply and our bidding algorithms analyze over 1m requests per second. You can be sure that the right bid is placed and the right ad served, for every user.



To measure the impact of showing the ads, we dedicate 20% of the overall target to a control group: those users don’t see the ad and end up buying less, so we can confidently quantify the incremental value of our campaigns.



We keep a careful eye on all these processes to ensure fraud-free mobile ads.

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