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User acquisition

Grow your user base

Display your ads to the mobile users most likely to install your app and engage with it.

User Acquisition
User icon250,000

new engaged users every month on behalf of the world’s most forward-thinking applications.

Our processes

  • Understanding
  • Designing
  • Profiling
  • Targeting
  • Testing
  • Scaling
  • Safeguarding

Understanding your goals

Your dedicated client-success manager works closely with you to capture your user-acquisition needs and objectives.

Designing creatives

Designing creatives

Our in-house creative-service team help you effortlessly produce high-quality creative sets that really have an impact.



Based on post-install events to be optimized, and with access to a database of over 2 billion unique mobile users, our system identifies the user attributes that characterise your most engaged users.



Using our Audience tool, we target audiences that are as similar as possible to your most active users, so you can engage with users who are likely to become your best customers.

Dynamic creative optimization.

Testing and learning

Our machine-learning algorithms analyze the performances observed for different variants. They can constantly improve their models in order to automatically and precisely serve the most effective creative to the right users, at the right time.



Our extensive inventory draws on direct publisher integrations and integration of our Audience tool with all major networks and Real Time Bidding (RTB) exchanges. So we can directly place bids on individual ad impressions.



We keep a careful eye on all these processes to ensure fraud-free mobile ads.

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