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Creative Studio iconCreative Studio

We craft mobile experiences

Our in-house team of talented designers will help you create all the creatives you need for your campaigns.

  • Playables

    Promoting a game? Entice your users by having them try your game directly from within the ad.

  • Interactive video

    Users can interact with your HD video ad as it plays, for increased engagement.

  • Dynamic end cards

    Interactive end cards appear after playable content or video content. Emphasise the call-to-action and drive user behaviour.

  • Interstitial HD Video

    Use a 30-second full-screen HD video to tell your brand’s story, or to demo attractive gameplay. Draw your audience in, and get them hooked.

PlayablesInteractive videoDynamic end cardsInterstitial HD Video

Personalised creatives

Your creatives should be personalised based on dynamic signals like time, location, weather, device or audience segments, so that they are always relevant to the people seeing them.

A better ad experience.

Programmatically generated ads

Marketing for mobile apps requires designing ad creatives that connect audiences across different locations, operating systems and screen sizes. BidMotion automates the production of mobile ads: we have the tools and the know-how to programmatically generate hundreds of highly personalised ads, in real time.

Directors of growth Green heart BidMotion.

  • 888 Holdings

    “BidMotion helps us acquire new users for our apps in all of our key markets. Professional service and well-targeted traffic are what makes sure we’ll be allocating more marketing budgets to them in the future.”

    Yakir Hirsch Media Buyer
  • M&C Saatchi

    “We have been running several campaigns with BidMotion in the APAC region and their cooperation has been impeccable. In spite of different time zones, the BidMotion team is really proactive and always willing to help and ensure that any issues with campaigns are resolved with urgency. On the performance front, BidMotion shows a clear understanding of KPIs for different campaigns and constantly works towards improving their performance.”

    Joseph Oh Media Executive at M&C Saatchi Mobile APAC
  • Nasmedia

    “The BidMotion team have always been highly cooperative and reactive, which deeply impresses my team and encourages us to reach out to them anytime. They are a really valuable partner for Nasmedia.”

    Sellena Hyemin Kim Partnership Manager at Nasmedia
  • M&C Saatchi

    “Our collaboration with BidMotion has been nothing but positive. Our dedicated account team has been a joy to partner with, consistently finding ways to improve the campaign and proactive in pre-empting any potential issues. Does not hurt either that BidMotion is one of our best performing networks!”

    Pailin Srukhosit Assistant Media Planner and Buyer
  • Pure Agency

    “BidMotion provides the answer to our clients who are seeking best quality downloads with high level of in-app conversions and a continual increase of performances over time. They always give the best level of services, rapid answers and insights on our campaigns.”

    Guillaume Moriaucourt Head of Mobile Media Agency at Pure Agency

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